Veritas Academy is a classical Christian school. By this, we mean that we are a school committed to the following three distinctives:

1.  Methodology

We use the time-proven method of the Trivium to educate our students. This method includes three stages.greeks | Veritas Academy | Classical Christian School

  • Grammar Stage (Grades K-6): Focus on teaching the basic facts using enjoyable, time-proven methods to strengthen the memory and provide a framework of knowledge on which later information can be built.

Integrated and Meaningful Hands-on Activities

Fun Songs, Chants, and Memory Games

Love of Learning at an Early Age

Activity rich learning with many field trips and class events

  • Logic Stage (Grades 7-9): Focus on thinking clearly and critically by learning how to recognize sound arguments and detect fallacious ones through formal logic classes. Brings the basic knowledge acquired in the grammar stage into ordered and integrated relationships.

Formal Logic Classes

Class Debates

Formulation of Personal Beliefs Guided by Experienced, Christian Teachers

  • Rhetoric Stage (Grades 10-12): Focus on communicating effectively and persuasively by learning how to use language, both written and spoken, to express their thoughts winsomely and persuasively.

Formal Rhetoric Classes

Public Speaking and Communication

Senior Thesis Paper and Defense

Discussion Driven Classes

2. WorldviewGeometrical Shapes | Veritas Academy | Classical Christian School

Veritas Academy approaches every subject – whether it be History, Math, Science, or Literature –

in submission to God and His Word. Scripture is the lens by which we discern order and truth in these subjects.


3.  Philosophy of Education

CLICK HERE  to download a copy of our philosophy of education.

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