Academy Life

Daily Life at Veritas

A Veritas student enjoys a rich academic, spiritual, and social life filled with a host of academic, extra-curricular, and social activities including athletics, visual and performing arts, drama, music, journalism, community service, prayer, after school clubs, and more.

Spiritual Life    Our Traditions


Opportunities abound in Veritas athletic programs for team-building, character development, physical strengthening, and collaborative effort.

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The arts are an integral part of the development of every person. They are critical to our society, and they are an important part of a Veritas education.

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Clubs offer students a platform upon which they can delve deeper into their interests, whether they be science, chess, acting, or more.

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House Program

The purpose of the house program is to give students opportunities for leadership, for fellowship across grades, a place to meet for devotions and morning attendance, and a group of people with whom our fun and unique activities can be enjoyed. Each house functions as a family of students within our broader school community. It allows for deeper connections and friendships to be forged.

House Program

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