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Veritas Academy is a school rooted in stories. From preschool all the way to 12th grade, our students’ minds, hearts, and imaginations are formed and cultivated through timeless books, poems, narratives, songs, and plays. The theater department of Veritas Academy continues the work of cultivating our community through story by taking classic and excellent works and preparing them for the stage. With students participating in the Drama Club (4th-6th grade), in Acting Class, as well as in Fall and Spring productions (7th-12th grades), actors are given excellent opportunities to tell good stories. In conjunction with storytelling, the theater department seeks to equip students with acting skills and spirit, thus enabling them with the ability to perform with excellence.

Our theater department seeks to fulfill these three goals:

  1. We equip our cast and crew. There is an art to acting, to creating and embodying a character well, to telling a good story and sharing a stage. As we all grow in these skills, our story telling craft will grow and our productions will be more excellent, moving and convincing.  We also give opportunities to students interested in being stage managers and helping on stage crew. By focusing on the work that happens in front of the curtain as well as behind, many of our students find a place where their interests and talents can grow.

  2. We tell good stories from the stage. We are a school that puts a high value on words, true ideas and winsome narratives. We know that words and stories matter. Stories influence what we love and how we think. Our hope is that the stories we tell together will plant seeds of goodness in our hearts, in our school’s culture, and in the lives of those who watch our work.

  3. We build community. Our work cultivates a disciplined yet joy-filled community of students and adults. We create good memories while we learn to work well together as cast and crew – helping each other grow, sharing in laughter, and challenging all toward growth and goodness.

Veritas Academy
Our schedule includes the following theatrical events:

  1. The Madrigal Feast: The delightful, festive Veritas Christmas tradition is a signature event for the school, and includes feasting, songs, stories, merriment and dancing.

  2. Grammar School Drama Club: Meets weekly to study, practice and perform.

  3. Secondary School Play: Performed yearly and lead by talented local actors and directors, productions have included Peter and the Starcatcher, Fiddler on the Roof, The Music Man, and much more.

Veritas Academy’s stage work could not take place without the support of a well-trained crew. Through the year, we give interested students the opportunity to serve as stage crew, props master, sound and light techs, as well as, director’s assistants.

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