Portrait of a Veritas Graduate

What a classical Christian education cultivates in a young adult

Keeping Our Eyes on the End Goal

serena-matthew-chessWhen you enroll your child at Veritas Academy, you're not just investing in an education for that school year - or even the next five or 10 school years. You're investing in the person your child will be when they graduate. Teachers and staff begin each school year, and each school day, serving students with the end in mind: to cultivate loving, serving, thinking students through classical Christian education.

When a student has completed their education at Veritas, it is our goal that this mission will be realized through the following distinctive characteristics of each graduate:


A Heart For God and Others

A well-lived life begins with loving the right things in the right ways. A Veritas graduate above all loves God, His Word, and all that is true, good, and beautiful. Being trained to see all things through Christ and in light of God’s glory, a student leaves this place with a lifelong love for God, a biblical worldview manifested in a heart for Him and for those created in His image.

"Veritas Academy shaped my love for people. Through reading the great authors of the past and contrasting them with my own writings, I saw that my interactions with other people carry great consequence. Veritas helped me see that life’s greatest questions are not limited to individual and time-specific matters but are part of the “great conversation” that has been developing for thousands of years. As a Christian, my actions today reflect both my character as well as the gospel I claim to believe. If those actions do not point to Christ, they are fruitless."
- Nathaniel Y., Class of 2012

Solid Faith With Sound Reason

Faith in Christ is the root of life and salvation. A fully-formed graduate will have a deep and abiding faith in Christ. They will bolster this faith with the ability to think critically - discerning truth from lies and attaining wisdom that leads to prudent action. Being rooted in faith and flourishing in wisdom, a Veritas graduate will communicate effectively, respectfully, and winsomely.

"I realized going through college, and even more so after graduating, that Veritas' curriculum was invaluable to my success in college. Building an early foundation with logic, rhetoric, omnibus, and junior/senior thesis classes ingrained in me the essential art of reasoning which seems to be rare in today's world."
- Matthew S., Class of 2014



Pursues Knowledge and Excellence

A Veritas graduate employs truth usefully and courageously. They embrace learning as a lifelong journey. By fostering a deeply joyful environment of intellectual curiosity that rewards attempts at great things and values the learning achieved through both success and failure, we give students the fortitude to pursue excellence, even in the face of adversity.

"Veritas prepared me well in terms of learning how to learn. When I came into college, I wasn’t necessarily equipped in any one specific skill (like some of my peers who went to technical school), but within the first month of school I was able to get a firm grasp on all of my subjects and classes and really launch forward. I didn’t come in with any one specialization but I was able to do well across a broad range of subjects. I knew how to build a framework and work off of that to really excel."

- Zack S., Class of 2011

Equipped for God’s Calling

Our graduates discern God’s calling, knowing that the vocation God gives us is far more than a career or area of study. They will demonstrate leadership and self-sacrificial service in their family, church, vocation, and community, prepared to follow God’s leading and guide others toward truth.

"A surprising blessing was arriving to college only to realize I was more than prepared. I actually wondered if this was all there was to college, as it felt like the first semester or two were almost, dare I say, "easy." However, I think it's more likely that I had learned through Veritas how to truly study and learn and that I was equipped for life after high school because of it.

...There hasn't been one day since I graduated high school...that I don't feel entirely grateful and honored to call Veritas Academy my alma mater. I will carry the lessons learned and the joy experienced during my time there as some of the best possible memories that life has to offer."
- Annie H., Class of 2010


Joyful in Service

Our goal for our graduates begins and ends with love. When a Veritas graduate’s loves are rightly ordered, they enjoy a life of virtue. Being faithful stewards, possessing Christlike character, they defend the vulnerable, love mercy, and serve with humility.

"Along with the teachers’ examples of service, having a classical education has trained me to be aware of my cultural surroundings, to think critically about my place in the world, and to apply effectively this education in how I live. While all of my education at Veritas has been rewarding, the lessons in service have been the most valuable."

- Carrie M., Class of 2014

The Data to Back It Up

Cardus Report infographic

Good Soil Report

Our Portrait of a Graduate isn't just based on wishful thinking.

Follow up research with alumni of classical Christian schools like Veritas Academy all around the country has revealed marked differences between classical graduates and those of other types of schools.

A thriving faith.

A heart for service.

Leadership in their community.

Positive life outlook.

Lifelong love of learning.

You can dive into the data more deeply by visiting our Good Soil Report page, where you can access the full study and read articles on specific findings that show the distinctions found in classical Christian alumni.

The Good Soil Report: Read More Here


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