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kindergarten girl | Veritas Academy | Classical Christian School

Philosophy: Love of Learning

At Veritas students begin learning the basics (we call these basics “the grammar”) of Math, Bible, and Reading. Kindergartners have a lot of fun learning, because they are constantly singing, chanting, clapping, and dancing while learning their subjects!

Curriculum: Rigorous, Flexible, and Fun

Letters and sounds (phonics), reading, math facts, spelling rules, handwriting, Bible and history, catechism, and fine arts make up the core of our kindergarten curriculum. Plus, the dual-level castle in classrooms adds an extra special element to the students' days, as they are guided through their reading and phonics lessons by Sir Percival the boy knight! Special field trips, dress-up days (like our Masquerade Ball!), and traditions make it a memorable, joyful experience.

Our teacher, Mrs. Lake, has been teaching Kindergarten at Veritas for over 15 years and provides an excellent balance of nurturing kindness and strong classroom management. Her expertise and her care for the children is a blessing to our families and our kids! 

Half Day and Full Day Options Lancaster County Kindergarten Program

Veritas offers half and full day kindergarten. All kindergarteners must attend the morning session from 8:00am-12:00pm. However, families may also opt to send their child to our afternoon kindergarten session following the morning session. The afternoon session is from 12:00-2:50 p.m. and will include enriching activities, leisure/rest time, and academic reinforcement from the morning sessions. You may sign up your child for full day kindergarten for the whole year, or you may send your child to the afternoon session a la carte for certain days as the need arises.

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Events and Activities

Kindergarten Boys | Veritas Academy | Classical Christian SchoolCookie Baking Field Trip: Students travel the county baking cookies

Knighting Ceremony: Young men are knighted and young ladies are made ladies of the realm

Reading Castle in the Classroom (Beware of the Dragon!): Students read in their very own classroom castle

Hans Herr House Field Trip: Students learn of their Lancaster County heritage through the life and home of this historical figure

High Tea Party: Get out the suits and gowns for this classy occasionKindergarten Girls | Veritas Academy | Classical Christian School

Trip to Amish Farm and Village: Kindergartners explore the life, culture, and heritage of our Lancaster County Amish neighbors.

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