Technology | Veritas Academy | Classical Christian SchoolOur technology program at Veritas serves as a supportive tool to meet our students’ needs and best prepare them for the future. We are thoughtful and careful in our approach to integrating technology, and believe it is not about the tool, but about the experience and opportunity the tool provides. In alignment with our philosophy, we seek technology use that deepens and enhances the learning experience of our students. Technology should support and provide both faculty and students the freedom to explore and take risks, furthering their love of learning and empowering them to reach their fullest potential. Veritas recognizes that there is no single device or software that can do it all, so we have chosen to use a variety of tools to meet our community’s needs.

Teaching students a balanced, disciplined, effective, and Christ-honoring application of technology is critical for preparing them beyond their time at Veritas. As we continue to grow – both in our knowledge of technology and its uses within the context of a classical, Christian education – we work to ensure that every student’s experience with technology expands his or her view of and ability to interact with God’s world. Our goal is to provide students with access to powerful modern tools while gaining wisdom and knowledge from the past so that they will be inspired to use technology wisely in their pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness in the future.

In the Grammar School, students have teacher-monitored access to iPads, laptops, and Geo Safari Geoglobes. The iPads have developmentally and age-appropriate apps that enhance, deepen, and directly support our classical, Christian curriculum and the students’ overall learning experience. Students can reinforce and advance their knowledge of spelling, reading, math, and more. Grammar School students also enjoy exploring the basics of geography through the hands-on GeoSafari Geoglobe.

In the Secondary School, integrating technology into the curriculum continues to deepen the learning experiences of the students. Students learn to use technology for research, collaboration, communication, and the collection and manipulation of data. Activities that require more in-depth research, like junior and senior thesis and English Composition, are effectively conducted on laptop computers. Media projectors are integrated into nearly all secondary school classrooms for visual display. Language classes often utilize software to provide extra reinforcement of student assimilation of material.

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