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"The challenge in our society today is real..."

When all is said and done and your child is graduating high school and moving on to their next steps in the world, won't it feel good to know that they're prepared to thrive - to think critically, communicate effectively, and stand firm on their faith - amid the challenges they will face as they go? Hear from a parent of two Veritas alums and one current student on how he has seen the fruit of the way Veritas prepared his sons for college...and for life.

From "Public school all the way" to Veritas

The Thompson family story

"Bringing that learning to life"

The Walters family story (and why Veritas makes parents a good way)

"Your kids will pick up what's important to you"

The Koontz family story

Grammar School Kids' Favorite Things

What our students loved about their 2018-2019 school year

Hungry Souls in a Self-Affirming Culture

Lecture by Dr. Andrew Mitchell (Grove City College) on Feasting

What We Value

When your school shares your values, families thrive.

Geronimo, Amen! Part 1

A Classical Christian Education Documentary

Geronimo, Amen! Part 2

A Classical Christian Education Documentary

Mom? Dad? Can We Talk?

Your child's ready. Are you?

What Our Alums Say

How Veritas has shaped them

God & Country

An example of an eye-opening Omnibus class 

The Veritas Community

It's unlike any other

God Made Me...

A glimpse of Veritas Kindergarten

Joyful Rebellion

A lecture from theologian Carl Trueman

Living History

A snippet of how our 5th & 9th Graders learn Colonial history