Elementary Art (K-6th Grade)fine-arts | Veritas Academy | Classical Christian School

In the Elementary Art program, the prominent objective is to guide the students to grasp the reality that God is the first and ultimate Artist and Maker of heaven and earth. By being good stewards of our God given abilities, we recap and expand on multisensory skills based on the art, art history and design. Students are to be encouraged and challenged to stretch their imagination, explore the gift of art, view well-known artists, apply a variety of art mediums and techniques, understand there is a process to a project, express and articulate their perceived idea, and plan how they will arrive at the end of the product design.


Middle School Art (7th-8th grades)

A period of insecurity for some students, art is one of the best engagements for students of this age as it speaks not only to the physical but to the soul and psyche. Art is a source of great encouragement to children of all ages.  Projects and media include: marker and pencil self-portraits, collage, kaleidoscope designs, linoleum printing, pen and ink techniques, drawing and painting techniques, mask making, metal repousse, watercolor, color theory, clay and sculpture, art history and art appreciation.

High School Art (9th-12th Grades)

Art is more than an elective. It is essential to learning and life. It cultivates self-expression, imagination and creativity, as well as critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students who learn about art develop their capacities to weigh meanings and make evaluations. Understanding, appreciating, and creating art can help teach students how to work cooperatively in a group, on their own, and for a predetermined purpose.

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