Choosing a Private School in Lancaster, PA | Veritas Academy Ebook: Choosing a Private School in Lancaster, PA

Why are parents considering private schools? What’s motivating them to move away from public school and seek out an alternative? What are good reasons (and bad reasons) to choose a private school?

Explore the life-long benefits of enrolling your child in a private school.

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preschool kindergarten | Veritas Academy | Classical Christian SchoolEbook: A Guide to Choosing a Preschool or Kindergarten in Lancaster County

Lancaster County Pennsylvania is rich with options to choose a kindergarten. The numerous choices can be overwhelming. These options can be daunting for someone new to the area or thinking about your child's future.

Learn the different key factors when choosing and determining a program that can be the best fit for your child.

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Tech Tips for Parents: Developing Healthy Technology Habits in Children | Veritas AcademyEbook: Tech Tips for Parents: Developing Healthy Technology Habits in Children

Is the online world taking over your household? Do you feel like you (and maybe even your children) are addicted to your devices? 

Learn tips on how to keep kids safe online and how to set rules and structure around appropriate technology usage.

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biblical sexuality 3DEbook: Encouraging a Biblical View of Sexuality in Your Children

Download your free parents' guide and get the tools and encouragement you need to guide your kids to the truth, beauty, and goodness in God's design for their sexuality.

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Affording-a-School-3d-EbookEbook: Affording a Private School in Lancaster County

Wondering how your family will be able to fit private school tuition in your budget? Find out how many of our families make it work (you might be surprised at how accessible it is, thanks to financial aid and more!

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Printable Resource: Family Discipleship Toolkit

Five printable resources to help your family establish or maintain regular, fruitful, joyful times of Bible study, worship, prayer, and doctrine study together. Includes inductive Bible study journal sheets, weekly scripture activity plan for young children, a family hymnal, daily prayer guide poster, and catechism memory flash cards.




Printable Resource: Family Time Management Toolkit

Gathered using advice and best practices from our Veritas community of families, this download will help you prioritize your family's activities, keep everyone accountable, and get things done with (hopefully) less stress while keeping perspective on what's most important!




Help for Parents FB Paid 2.pngWebinar: Help for Parents: Encouraging Biblical Sexuality in Your Children

Struggling with what to say and when to say it when it comes to your child's sexuality? This webinar will empower you with advice and practical suggestions for talking to your kids about boy/girl relationships, maintaining digital purity, and other potentially awkward topics.

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Webinar: Managing Technology as Christian Parents

How can Christian parents create an emotionally and spiritually healthy home while establishing boundaries with technology? Get practical tips on balancing technology in your home.

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Technology Resource For Families With Young Children | Download Guide


backpack | Veritas Academy | Classical Christian School
Webinar: Did You Choose the Wrong School?

Worried you might have chosen the wrong school?

Learn tips and advice on how to refine your school search process

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Explore a Day in Kindergarten at Veritas AcademyWebinar: Explore a Day in Kindergarten at Veritas Academy

Learn about the benefits of early childhood education and how it can make a difference in your child’s life.

Take a virtual tour of the kindergarten classroom at Veritas!

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Iron Sharpens Iron | Veritas Academy | Classical Christian SchoolWebinar: Iron Sharpens Iron: Cultivating Godly Influences in Your Child's Life

How can time spent in your church, at community events, and even your own home sharpen your child's faith?

Learn how Godly mentors powerfully shape our children's development.

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Tips for Effectively Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten | Veritas AcademyWebinar: Tips for Effectively Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

What can you do to ensure your child is ready for their kindergarten experience?

Get tips for how you can prepare your child for Kindergarten and set them up for success in their early education years.

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Landing Page | Veritas AcademyWebinar: Whatever Happened to Manners?

Are you looking for tips and ways to help your child(ren) emerge with greater confidence, sense of responsibility and discipline?

This webinar will give you tips and ways on how to encourage etiquette and good manners to children of varying ages.

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preschool girl edited | Veritas AcademyWebinar: Affording a Christian School in Lancaster, PA

Are you curious about how you might be able to afford a private school education for your child?

This webinar will give you practical solutions to common questions we get from parents. 

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Learning Support Program at Veritas AcademyWebinar: Learning Support Program at Veritas Academy

There are many characteristics that affect how well your child learns in a school environment.

We are taking a big step forward by adding a Learning Support Program at Veritas Academy. In line with our mission, we want to serve more students more effectively.

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