Re-enrollment for current Veritas Academy students begins on February 1. In order to reenroll for 2023-2024, please click here and follow the instructions..

Re-Enrollment at Veritas Academy in Lancaster, PAReturning families will submit a re-enrollment fee for each student ($250 for K-12 and $50 for Preschool). Open enrollment for new students begins on March 1.  If current students have not re-enrolled by March 1, they are not guaranteed placement in their desired classes. The re-enrollment fee increases on April 1 ($500 for K-12 and $100 for Preschool).

If desired, parents may apply for financial aid after submitting their re-enrollment form and fee. The deadline for re-enrolling family to submit a financial aid application is June 1.


The re-enrollment fee is non-refundable unless the financial aid award is not sufficient.

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